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Essential Baby: Bringing Sexy (Breast Cancer) Back

Posted by Clem Bastow on November 5, 2008

It’s important that the media continue to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, when it comes to breast cancer and associated (potential) freak outs – remember when they said underwire bras would cause breast cancer? So, good on Fairfax Digital’s Essential Baby for reminding us of what’s true and/or false in that department with a lengthy feature on the topic.

But did they have to use the same old “sexy breasts” treatment for their linkage?


Breasts: they’re sometimes sexy, it’s true. They are also, variously, useful, painful, annoying, fantastic, nonexistent, attractive, unattractive, full of milk, full of silicone, and often a completely mundane fact of life. So treating breast cancer as little more than a scourge de-sexying the bosoms of the world’s women is hopelessly misguided.

The fabulous Hoydens have some great further reading on the topic of “sexy” breast cancer awareness.


2 Responses to “Essential Baby: Bringing Sexy (Breast Cancer) Back”

  1. Nico said

    Fairfax Digital gives you plenty to blog about at least!

    Every day it seems there is some sexualised graphic linking to a Life&Style story – like the Kylie-esque hotpant image linked to this piece ( ridiculous and ‘un-erotic’ bum lingerie.

  2. AP said

    Fairfax continues to disappoint me. Living interstate away from Melbourne I like to read The Age – unfortunately this has led to me noticing T&A on the front page every damn day. Sometimes it might be excusable as a part of the story, but like in this breast cancer story its mostly just attention grabbing. Life&Style = boobs. Travel section = bikini babe. Anything else = naked woman.


    Are they serious?

    *ahem* sorry, the fact that someone else has noticed Fairfax Digital’s common denominator behaviour seems to have gotten me going. Well honestly, if I wanted that I’d be reading the Herald Sun!

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