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Women Are Always To Blame, Part Two

Posted by Cate on November 26, 2008

Dawn Chorus blogger Caitlinate provided a recent sterling analysis of new governmental advertising to curb binge drinking, one advertisement in particular concerning a drunken teenage women who had sex due to the influence of alcohol (and possibly sexual violence).

Well the media again provides a replica of real life, as a 15 year old male has been charged with the rape of a 14 year old female after she passed out drunk at a party. According to the Herald Sun:

She first knew of the alleged rape when she was taunted at school during that week

Apparently a parent was home at the time but unaware, and there were 12 other teenagers at the party.

The male is yet to be sentenced, but let’s hope it will set a reminder and deterrent in the greater community that being unconscious due to alcohol is not an invitation to unwanted sexual acts. I’m not clear if the other youths in the house were aware of the act as it occurred or after the fact but taunting and teasing is deplorable and a hideous way to realise you’ve been sexually assaulted. Surely they should be put up as examples of those who condone sexual violence and be vilified accordingly.


5 Responses to “Women Are Always To Blame, Part Two”

  1. Kat said

    Oh this is horrible.

    To find out though taunting at school is horrific, but it does also make me think of how many people were teased about things which weren’t true when I was in school.

    This suggests to me that there were several students present; otherwise it would have been pushed aside as hearsay.

    I hate that people are not able to feel safe around their peers. Have things changed? Is it just that we are hearing so much more about it (with evidence from pictures and the ability to spread via social networking).

  2. lilacsigil said

    That story comes from my local area, and I was horrified to read it, but pleased that the report was taken seriously and charges laid. I wonder if the underage status of the rapist and the young woman who was raped had anything to do with that?

  3. Anon said

    A similar thing happened to me when I was 15 years old. I had been at a boy from school’s party, gotten drunk and ended up in bed with a boy from another school. I can’t remember a whole lot, but in this particular bed nothing more than a few reciprocal gropes took place.

    While I was in bed with, let’s just call him “Sam”, three boys from school burst in and pulled the covers off the bed. I remember feeling terribly embarrassed, but i was too intoxicated to tell them to get out of the room, or to pull the covers back over my naked body. It was at this moment when an older boy from school walked in to the room of whooping boys and me, naked on the bed. A notorious ‘jock,’ this guy was used to getting all the girls. He asked if I wanted to leave the party and offered to walk me home, to “keep me safe.” I said yes, but he walked, or rather carried my intoxicated body to his house instead. The rest is a blur, but I remember being frightened, and repeatedly saying NO! during my attempts to push him off of me. I remember his overpowering strength holding me down, and then the horrible sharp pain that seemed to go on forever.

    My next memory is of me sitting at the edge of my bed in my pyjamas at home, staring blankly at my hands. I have no idea how I managed to get home, and no idea what time, all I know is it was still very dark. Like the girl, I woke up the next day and couldn’t remember the incident. I was still very sore, and felt slightly empty, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Like the girl, I first heard about what had happened through being teased at school for “rooting,” let’s just call him ‘Bill.’ I denied it to my friends and to myself for a very long time, and that night remained absent from my mind for many years, it was like it had happened to someone else. I didn’t want to think about it so I locked it away in the depths of my brain. But it was always present in my body, an unexplainable repulsion to anything penetrative, whether it be a tampon or many embarrassingly failed attempts at having sex with men.

    It was only years later when I was in a loving a trusting relationship that I was able to admit to my rape.

    So after sharing with the readers of this blog my story, I would like to congratulate this girl for having the courage that I unfortunately have never had. It doesn’t matter if you were drunk, it doesn’t matter if you were intimate with the perpetrator. He took advantage of you, and by ignoring your “no”, by preying on your vulnerability, your intoxication, he raped you. To realise it was rape, and do seek justice instead of hiding it in your body is an admirable feat.

    Let justice be finally won for the survivors of rape.

  4. Kat said

    Anon, I’m sorry that you had to experience that. Thank you for sharing.

    I do think this girl is incredibly strong for not just sweeping aside the situation (out of the embarrassment she is meant to be feeling (thanks to these new public service announcements).

    How do we get the message out there that nothing less than active and enthusiastic consent is acceptable.

  5. Gemma said

    Just before I read this post, I read this about an alleged assault at leavers/schoolies week in Dunsborough:

    As Kat said above, it is so horrible that school kids cannot feel safe around their peers.

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