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Ooh, young women have sex!

Posted by Cate on December 10, 2008 couldn’t resist reporting the results of survey of a British magazine, More under the heading “British survey reveals younger women more promiscuous than men”.

 The study of 2000 women in the UK, commissioned by More magazine, found that by the age of 21, women have had an average of nine sexual partners – two more than their male partner.

It also found a quarter of young women have slept with more than 10 partners in the first five years since losing their virginity, compared with 20 per cent of young men.

The ‘study’ was more likely to be an opt-in survey of readers of the magazine, hardly representative of all young women in Britain. And how does one definte promiscuity? According to the dictionary (yes I looked it up). ‘promiscuity’  “is  characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, esp. having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis”.

How does one determine if  a relationship is casual or serious? Who decides how many sexual relations constitute promiscuity?  The survey revealed that the average age the respondents lost their virginity was 16. So nine sexual partners by the age of 21 is on average one every six months, hardly a bedding spree of sexual activity! Further, an increase in sexual partners is more likely to be indicative of women taking control of their own sexuality and choosing not to remain with a single partner in an unsatisfying long term teenage romance. If the media is so intersted in looking at young women’s relationships, why not focus on ensuring they are aware of safe sex and contraception, and free from sexual and emotional violence?


2 Responses to “Ooh, young women have sex!”

  1. zooeyibz said

    Love the blog. I’ve nominated you for a Butterfly Award

  2. tina_sparkle said

    great ‘study’. the results are based on what? how were the variables quantified and controlled? can’t wait to see this one published in the Journal of Crap British Tabloid Vox Pops.

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