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Myer Lingerie Department And Breast Cancer Institute Pair Up

Posted by Cate on January 20, 2009

i was interested to read today that the Breast Cancer Institute and Myer have paired up to provide free Breast Cancer Screenings for women in the lingerie departments of four Myer NSW stores:

The mammograms are then transmitted in seconds to the BCI Breast Centre at Westmead, where they are read by two doctors.

The clinics — the first of which opened at Parramatta yesterday — will be fitted with the latest digital screening equipment to reduce examination time and improve accuracy, reporting time and image quality.

Hopefully the locale of the mammogram testing will encourage more women to be tested whilst increasing a general positive image about breasts and women’s health. I’m a big fan of multitasking and like to idea of doing something mundane and with something pleasurable. What professional services would you like to be combined with retail or other so called leisure pursuits? I hate going to the doctor for repeat prescriptions so I would enjoy a cocktail bar that employed a general practitioner on staff I think…

*Also, kudos to the media for resisting the urge to include photographs of women in lingerie as part of their reporting.


One Response to “Myer Lingerie Department And Breast Cancer Institute Pair Up”

  1. Clem Bastow said

    I love this – and I can’t speak for anyone else, but I always find going to Myer and getting fitted for a bra by one of the fantastic women who work there (most of whom have been with the store for many years) very comforting. I did so in the pre-Christmas madness and it was an oasis of calm being measured and instructed by ‘Maria’!

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