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Challenges against Pink…

Posted by Cate on February 24, 2009

280I was excited to read about Pink Stinks, a campaign created by a couple of woman in the UK  which aims  aims to counteract the slurry of media obsession on women who are ‘famous’, ‘thin’ ‘rich’ or ‘married to famous men’, by celebrating those women that we see as inspirational, important, ground-breaking and motivating.

The campaign includes a media watch, websites for young women and their parents respectively and an extensive list of positive role models for young women across a diverse range of life areas (modelling and acting thankfully excluded).
PinkStinks posits a variety of stats which highlight he need for positive media role models for young women, in particular that

44% (of girls questioned) admit they can name more WAGS [wives and girlfriends of professional footballers] than female politicians.
Girlguides survey 2008 (I can’t remember the Guides ever doing surveys when I was involved, interesting…”

And also this charmer:

A poll of people under 25 found the Amy Winehouse was the ultimate Heroine, with Pete Doherty voted second most popular male hero. Poll

 It’s an encouraging effort and I’ll certainly keep reader’s posted.


4 Responses to “Challenges against Pink…”

  1. Spilt Milk said

    What a great campaign. I wonder if those tshirts come in toddler sizes for my little un-princess!

  2. Thanks for that news, what a fabulous idea, I hope there can be an Australian equivalent. Perhaps this blog is a good place to start for inspiration for young peeps!

  3. emmahmoore said

    Thanks for your reference to our campaign. We’re really starting to make some impact over here at the moment … small steps but all in the right direction.

  4. Steven said

    if someone said “heroin” to me I’d also say Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty 😉 (similarly, how interested in politics in general are those girls?)

    I think it is nice that people who aren’t traditionally in the spotlight – except within their own field – will get wider recognition.

    But I don’t know that it is entirely fair to consider it media ‘obsession’ with the A-list party-goers – they’re off doing bright and glitzy things easily photographed and understood by anyone. If you look at people doing meaningful things within their field, quite often it may be technical, or require complex understanding of a topic area to understand significance… i.e. boring or incomprehensible to most. Hardly ‘trash mag at the Woolworths counter’ type disposable entertainment. If your mandate is to sell fluff in bulk, then ‘fluff’ is all you’ll fill the mag with.

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