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“For Fuck’s Sake” Corner: Britney Spears Edition

Posted by Clem Bastow on March 5, 2009

So, I realise there are some newspapers and magazines out there that are about as right-on as a wet t-shirt contest, but that doesn’t stop me from being disappointed/angry/disbelieving at just how low they’ll stoop sometimes. As the pop-culturally-aware of you will realise, Britney Spears has just made her “proper” comeback by launching her Circus tour in New Orleans. She’s match-fit and, according to most reviews, back in fine form. So, leave it to our favourites, The Daily Mail, to come up with this single-entendre shocker:


Okay, got that? Wanna see what this hulking hambeast they’re referring to looks like? The actual picture they’re running, to illustrate said bulky bigness? From that headline, Britney must have been putting away the pecan pies, right? WRONG:


Wow – honk, honk! Move over, wide load, we’re trying to get etc etc.

Honestly, where will the madness ever end? As mscate noted the other day, the media doesn’t cause eating disorders or poor body image, but it’s a hard slog staying positive when someone as fit, healthy and gorgeous as Britney Spears is described as “bulky” and “big”. Everyone, all together now: SIGH. Now, back to the fight.


10 Responses to ““For Fuck’s Sake” Corner: Britney Spears Edition”

  1. Nina said

    I guess they won’t be happy until she’s anorexic. And then they’ll vilify her for being a bad role model. Lose-lose, as usual. This really depresses me 😦

  2. rayedish said

    Wasn’t Britney still a teenager when she first burst onto MTV (I thinking of that clip where she was dancing in a school uniform)? Well MSM she’s not going to look like a 15 year old forever (FFS!)

  3. Brad said

    Emily Sheridan must be jealous of Britney’s gold-plated Wonderwoman outfit.

  4. Damon said

    Yes, it’s ridiculous to me. She’s has what looks like a healthy, fit physique.

    But I wonder: Does she think she’s fat?

    And if so: Is this socialised body dysmorphia, or the very high standards of an athletic performer?

  5. caitlinate said

    This reminded me of M.I.A. at the Grammys last month. Fat and heavily pregnant (she gave birth the next day) she totally rocked it out in a skin tight, see through, mini dress and looked totally amazing. I don’t think Britney is bulky or fat or any other words they want to use to describe her – I think she looks really fit but wouldn’t really care either way. But I do love that M.I.A. got up on stage – didn’t hide in the background or in a muu-muu – and performed and flaunted and didn’t give a damn if you could see the extra flesh on her body. You can see a picture here.

  6. rachel said

    For fuck’s sake, indeed. She looks incredible.

  7. zooeyibz said

    Egads. The woman is tiny. I’d love to see the bloody DM critic squeeze into a pair of high-waist sequin tights and not have a millimetre of spare flesh spilling over. You can see Brit’s ribs. Do they want to be able to see her internal organs as well?

  8. Kat said

    How is anyone meant to win this game?

    She probably has a personal trainer for hours a day and still can’t look like an airbrushed picture!

  9. rowe said

    If there’s one thing the media are good at it is getting everyone talking aka making headlines. Womens trash mags piss me off so much I wonder how any woman worth her self respect can work in the offices that produce them. I have greater respect for a prostitute than the hags that work in said mags which publish nothing but CRAP. Brit looks fabulous to me.

  10. Linda said

    Good grief! Just like she sang in her song, they aren’t happy if she’s thin, they aren’t happy if she is heavier. Don’t let all stupid people bother you, Brit. You look fine either way. Your body doesn’t make you a person. It’s inside what counts!

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