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Anna Bligh Becomes Australia’s First Elected Female Premier

Posted by Clem Bastow on March 22, 2009

A brief and celebratory note this morning: Anna Bligh has won the Queensland state election to become this country’s first ever elected female Premier!

She said that although the prospect of becoming the first elected female premier had not motivated her in the campaign, she was aware of the historical significance of her win.

“I grew up in a time when people regarded (Queensland) as backward,” she said. “Who would have thought we would be the first state in Australia to elect a female premier.”

Ms Bligh is a very inspiring woman – the Australian Story episode of last year, No Man’s Land, is well worth checking out for the details of her rise through student politics to the “big time”, as well as her passionate commitment to women’s rights and feminism. To have broken the drought, so to speak, and have Bligh the woman to claim this historic victory just makes it that little bit sweeter.


3 Responses to “Anna Bligh Becomes Australia’s First Elected Female Premier”

  1. Sum Guy said

    I know its a Territory and not a State, but Claire Martin was the Chief Minister in the NT and she won from opposition.

    Not trying to take away from Anna Bligh though…

  2. caitlinate said

    Update: More Anna Blight awesomeness.

  3. blue milk said

    Yes it is a great result for Bligh, a self-declared feminist too.

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