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100 Years of Victorian Women Voting

Posted by Cate on March 26, 2009


‘Women Working Together: Suffrage and Onwards’ presented by Women’s Web

5.30 to 7.30

Tuesday 31st March

320 Latrobe Street Melbourne

This event celebrates 100 years from when the Adult Suffrage Act 1908 became law, and the date Victorian women could vote for the first time in State elections


-:- Judy Small, songster of ‘Mothers, Daughters, Wives’ fame,

-:- Zelda D’Aprano, who chained herself up to the Arbitration Court in 1969 to demonstrate our need for equal pay
-:- Moira Rayner, ‘feminist extraordinaire’, discussing the enemies of the Women’s Movement.

There will be Devonshire Tea and more. Join a room full of feminists celebrating 100 years of the Women’s Movement in Victoria – and how it keeps overcoming the forces that try to destroy it!. Will you be one of us? Let us know at Women’s Web so we know how many scones to bake!

Check out the website for a history lesson with a difference!


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