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Appropriate result for the long term abused

Posted by Cate on March 27, 2009

Supporters of victims of domestic violence are no doubt relieved to see that the case against a teenager charged with murdering her stepfather after years of abuse has been dropped.
The 19-year-old from northern Victorian had been accused of shooting her stepfather, 34, after he threatened her with a firearm. She had been subject to year of ongoing physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

You’ll recall my take on the case earlier this year. I’ve still not recieved any information about the repercussions to the school who failed to mandatory report the ongoing abuse.


2 Responses to “Appropriate result for the long term abused”

  1. womandom said

    FYI, that ‘my take’ link in your post isn’t working. It takes me to a page which says: “you are not allowed to edit this post”.

  2. Natasha said

    The day following the hearing, it was reported that the Department of Education is conducting an inquiry into what took place at the girl’s high school, and whether protocols were not followed. I can’t find the link for the story now, but I found it reassuring to know that the school’s responsibility was being addressed.

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