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Delara Darabi’s Execution Sentence to be Carried Out

Posted by caitlinate on April 20, 2009

This is quite urgent as time is running out.

Delara Darabi, a twenty three year old Iranian woman, is facing imminent execution for a murder which took place when she was seventeen

Darabi and her boyfriend Amir Hossein Sotoudeh went to the home of her father’s cousin Mahin. While attempting to rob her, Sotoudeh allegedly stabbed and killed Mahin. In a statement, Darabi said she confessed to the murder to protect her boyfriend. She was told she would not be executed because she was under eighteen (he was nineteen at the time). She later learned that was not true and retracted her confession, but was sentenced to death by Branch 10 of the General Court in Rasht on 27 February 2005. Sotoudeh was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for his part in the murder.

Both Darabi and Sotoudeh received sentences of three years and 50 lashes for the robbery and 20 lashes for their relationship. The Supreme Court upheld Darabi’s death sentence on 16 January 2007.

Even though Iran has signed up to international treaties that prohibit the use of the death penalty for crimes committed by those under the age of 18, eight juvenile offenders were executed in 2008 and one on 21 January 2009.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran urgently calls on the Iranian Judiciary to reconsider the case of Delara Darabi and put a hold on her execution. The Campaign reminds Iranian authorities of the illegality of executing juvenile offenders according to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which Iran is a party.

What you can do:

– Sign a petition here.

– You can follow this link to Amnesty International UK or this one to Amnesty International Australia and send e-mails directly to the Iranian Head of Judiciary (Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi) and Judiciary Spokesperson.

– You can follow updates on Delara’s case here and here and here.

– You can send e-mails directly to (Supreme Leader) Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei here and to President of the Islamic Republic Mahmoud AhmadiNejad here.

Please make sure your letters are polite and respectful, since they could otherwise jeopardize efforts to save Delara. Address the recipients as sensible government leaders who are open to reconsideration of the death sentence.

– Contact newspapers, TV-channels, blogs and other media and ask them to report this story.

– Write about Delara in your own blog, homepage, or in internet forums or chat rooms you frequent. Join the facebook group and invite others to.

– Contact politicians and government representatives in your country or your embassy in Tehran and ask them to pressure Iran in this case.


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