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This Just In From The Pointless Sexism Desk: Miranda Kerr Poses Nude To Save Koalas!

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 1, 2009

Picture, for a moment, this scenario: Rolling Stone Australia are to launch their inaugural “green issue”, which will feature a handful of environmental issues discussed by favourite celebrities – a noble idea, you might think; maybe ‘the kids’ will look into some conservation charities or turn off a few power points at the wall. So how do they spin it? By getting Miranda Kerr to pose nude on the cover, chained to a tree, of course!

the forthcoming issue of Australian Rolling Stone; koalas not pictured

She says she decided to go “au naturel” to raise awareness of the environment, specifically koalas.

“I feel strongly about the need to protect our natural environment because it supports our life – it really is that simple,” Kerr tells the magazine, in stores on Wednesday.

Kerr shot the cover for Rolling Stone’s first “green issue” in Sydney in January, with photographer Carlotta Moye behind the lens.

The day-long shoot also included a real koala named Koral, as Kerr is the face of the Australian Koala Foundation’s No Tree, No Me campaign.

The campaign aims to protect koalas’ natural habitat, hence Kerr’s only prop for the shoot is a chain locking her to a tree.

“It’s a sad thing – there are only about 100,000 koalas left in Australia,” Kerr said.

In an odd way I feel for Miranda in this instance; she believes she’s making a statement that will give strength to the cause, and I’m sure that’s how the cronies at RS headquarters pitched the shoot to her, too. I have visions of publishing fatcats schmoozing, in between puffs of Cuban cigars, “Yeah, baybee, get your gear off – that will really help raise the profile of the No Tree, No Me campaign!”

Unfortunately the only thing being raised here (apart from the obvious gutter colloquialisms) is Rolling Stone‘s sales, which will surely go through the roof for the July issue, and not because the readership suddenly develop an environmental conscience en masse. As for the whole ‘chained to a tree’ angle, I’m having nightmare visions of PETA’s various “women = battery hens” protests.

When did naked women in bondage become the international visual slang for environmental/ethical protest? What does Miranda Kerr’s (clearly beautiful but here, completely irrelevant) naked body have to do with anything held within the pages of the Rolling Stone Green Issue? I am aware that the magazine is far from a paragon of feminist (or even just non-sexist) excellence, but this is taking things to a new low.

Am I the only one who finds this whole debacle deeply depressing?


11 Responses to “This Just In From The Pointless Sexism Desk: Miranda Kerr Poses Nude To Save Koalas!”

  1. kat said

    If you look back at past Rolling Stone covers, you’ll see that women are only ever allowed to stray onto the cover when a)naked, or b)wearing skimpy underwear. I believe it’s editorial policy…

  2. I thought it was lame, too. Just business as usual – as Kat said, it’s pretty much part of the gig for women to go barely clothed on Rolling Stone covers.

    I actually find it kind of sad that Miranda’s career has taken this “as little clothing as possible” direction over the past few years. I’m sure there’s a lot of money in it for her, but I really liked her in her Dolly days.

  3. mscate said

    So pathetic, I almost feel sorry for her-will she be donating her proceeds from the shoot to the campaign?

  4. Jaa said

    I showed it to my partner and he said ‘what tree?’..

  5. Caite said

    I love the juxtaposition between the tree (natural) and Miranda Kerr (airbrushed to closely resemble Barbie’s brunette sister)…

    It’s a shame that even Greenies aren’t above exploiting women’s bodies for their own gain. You would think that they would know better.

  6. ezebel said

    I liked your article – first one I’ve seen with this sort of slant. Although unlike you, I don’t feel for her.

    She did this because:

    a) She is an exhibitionist and it’s her job to take her clothes off and be photographed.
    b) She was probably paid to.

    I doubt there was much thought about saving koalas involved – in fact judging by her interviews I’d be surprised to find she had any thoughts at all.

  7. […] to The Dawn Chorus. Miranda Kerr supporting the No Tree, No Me Foundation/ […]

  8. audrey said

    “When did naked women in bondage become the international visual slang for environmental/ethical protest?”

    Because it’s edgy Clem. *sheesh*

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