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Kyle Sandilands: “Rape Happens”

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 30, 2009

As Caitlin yesterday noted, Kyle and Jackie O – and, by extension, 2Day FM – have been embroiled in a particularly distasteful “scandal” after a 14-year-old girl they cornered (at the request of her mother) and forced to take a lie-detector test live on radio yesterday revealed she’d been raped at the age of 12 – to which Sandilands’ response was “Right… and is that the only [sexual] experience you’ve had?”

On today’s show – and via the News Ltd stable – Sandilands and Jackie O have responded to the fury that rightly exploded within both the media and broadcasting industry and from rape counsellors, and child psychologists (and, and…). Prepare yourself to be enraged/appalled/mind-blown by Sandilands’ defense of his behaviour on-air (emphasis mine):

“It is just one of [those] things, unfortunately rape happens in society.”

Incredible. Not only has the poor girl had her rape revealed on live radio (and then played and replayed on various media sites) – not to mention being in the “care” of a mother who evidently knew about the rape but did nothing about it, and forced her to discuss her sexual activity and drug use on live radio – but now she has Sandilands essentially shrugging and saying “shit happens”.

No, Kyle, it’s not just “one of those things” – and I dread to think where we’ll end up as a society if people think that “rape happens”. Get this idiot off the air, NOW.

Update: tigtog from over at Hoyden About Town has set up a comprehensive site, Sack Kyle & Jackie O, which offers all the background information you need on the debacle, plus instructions as to how to lodge a complaint – the latter being particularly important, as ACMA won’t formally investigate 2Day FM over the matter unless written complaints are sent to the broadcaster first.


9 Responses to “Kyle Sandilands: “Rape Happens””

  1. I agree. I am also appalled at this girl’s Mother. We all knew Kyle was an attention seeking git, but the Mother should be ashamed of herself.

  2. Frank Doric said

    Kyle Sandilands is another of a host of right wing philistine shock jocks that poison our society with their vile brand of misanthropic and often racist bile. The problem lies in the fact that the government and the media are controlled by the likes of Murdoch and Packer, who utilize their stranglehold on the media and government to promote their personal agendas. This means we are inundated by right wing propaganda and philistinism,inluding the garbage they attempt to pass off as entertainment.

    It’s all part of dumbing down and desensitizing the masses in an epoch of war and economic crisis as they are sticking to us.

    Look at shows like the biggest looser and masterchef. These shows are just an excuse to put people under extreme pressure by putting them into difficult situations and watch the explosions. Its all about vilification degredation and shock treatment.

    Kyle Sandilands is one of a host of intellectual and moral bankrupts (Andrew Bolte, Janet Albrechsten, Michelle Grattan and Clive James)they we are to believe represent mainstream thought.

    As long as finance capital controls our lives nothing will change. Name a single politician that isn’t a grasping moral and culture bankrupt.

  3. Ivan V said

    Abhorrent to think the intended outcome of the interview for the mother was tickets to a Pink concert.
    The mother, Kyle & Jackie-O, the radio station, the program manager & the people who listen to the program are all equally responsible for this controversy. But Kyle Sandilands in particular is a repugnant symbol of everything that’s wrong with mainstream Australian society. Andrew Denton exposed Sandilands as a “defective moron” on Enough Rope.

  4. Des Corbeau said

    Get over yourselves… this was sprung on Kyle out of nowhere. Her mum should have known better than to subject her daughter to that. You self-righteous people don’t really know how you would have responded to something like that for a entertainment radio show. Sure its in bad taste how he responded but people say stupid shit sometimes without thinking… I’m sure you’ve done it.
    Get a life a let this guy do his job.

  5. John said

    Yes Kyle is a stupid and annoying idiot but we can’t put all the blame with him for this one. Every one of us has the freedom to make choices. Obviously this girl used the forum in an attempt to shame her mother or perhaps even to bring trouble on her. The first thing to remember is that this is an outing of an alleged rape. The girl could have made vague platitudes, totally lied, or just as easily have shut her mouth and refused to say anything – now that would have made for some exciting radio – NOT. What Kyle should be hauled over the coals for is for not imediately going to an ad break or switching to a song the moment the statement was made and then privately having whatever words were appropriate to the mother and daughter. I personally accept his apology for what it is but don’t expect his behaviour to change and expect him to pop up in some unpleasant fashion again before too long.

    • caitlinate said

      It would appear to me that you are implying that a fourteen year old girl being forced to do something she didn’t want to do is the same as a grown man doing something of his own volition – because he thought it would be funny and because he was getting paid to do it. Right. And in your opinion, the best way to deal with this situation? Find excuses for why his behaviour is acceptable and accuse the girl of lying!

      I’m so glad you accept his apology, knowing that someone like you exists and thinks this way is going to help me sleep better at night.

      • jajjaaj said

        Thank you Caitlinate! And John you are a miserable piece of work. A grown man can’t contain his behavior and that is OK, but a 14-year old girl must be lying? Did your mama drop you on your head?

        And saying that Kyle apologized is a lie… he never apologized, just made excuses and then said, “Rape happens”. Of course the mother is acting upset, her part in this is now on the proverbial public silver platter and only for the purpose to protect her own guilt. But lets not forget that she knew the situation and she put that poor child in the spot light in exchange for free tickets… 2 knuckle heads we could certainly do without.

  6. Emma said

    Yes, Kyle was probably flustered after the girl said she had been raped and said the first thing that came into his mind. What he said then isn’t really the issue (but to confuse sexual ‘experience’ with rape is pretty dreadful). The show should never have been made and the 14 yr olf should never have been FORCED to go through with it. Sandiland’s explanation that ‘rape happens’ is, however, extremely problematic. That statement implies that rape is something we cannot control – it’s out of our hands. Rape is a violent act by men against women (and men sometimes). It does not just happen.

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