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Does This Ad Make YOU Want To Read Essential Baby?

Posted by Clem Bastow on November 24, 2009

How much do I not want to click-through to Essential Baby today? Let me count the ways:

So, for those keeping score, that’s a faceless/objectified (pregnant) woman, wearing “sexy” lingerie, referred to as “like mini-vans”, under the banner “Pregnant women: hot or not?” and all within an ad roughly the size of a credit card. I believe that’s some sort of a record!

Yes, that is precisely how they are advertising Fairfax Digital’s parenting site via sidebars on The ad links to “Essential Baby blogger” Joseph Kelly’s blog entry on whether or not he found his wife – the aforementioned “transportational unit for conveying children” (which isn’t as offensive as the decontextualised excerpt might suggest).

Stay classy, Essential Baby!


6 Responses to “Does This Ad Make YOU Want To Read Essential Baby?”

  1. Who cares if men find pregnant women sexy or not? It’s got nothing to do with them!!

    I’ve been pregnant three times and I could care less if the man down the road thought I was shagadelic or if my husband was having conflicting thoughts about his wife’s desirability. For those nine and a half months my body was mine thank you very much and it was busy growing a kid. Tough tits if my man thought I wasn’t sexy. It’s women’s business – and women shouldn’t have to put on sexy lingerie hoping to turn on their husband because he is struggling with her identity as a sexual being.

  2. I’m sure I saw that on the SMH site as well. There have been several widely reported studies saying how harmful this “yummy mummy” nonsense is, yet news sites still do it.

  3. Lisa said

    Are you concerned about the blog entry or the crap photo and title that was chosen to accompany it? I am not sure how much say the writer has in those

    There are actually some quite nice points he makes about family life and the emotional changes his wife goes though when pregnant.

    I don’t think the title or photo do the post any justice.

  4. Oh yeah I saw that ad and just rolled my eyes. The mini-van analogy is particularly odious.

  5. audrey said

    It’s possible I just can’t see the image properly, but it also looks to me like she’s lying in a hay loft.

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