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Julia Gillard Is Australia’s New Prime Minister

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 24, 2010

We’ll write more once the fallout from the spill has settled and we’ve had time to gather our thoughts, but – regardless of how it happened – Australia now has its first female Prime Minister. From The Age:

Julia Gillard has become Australia’s first female prime minister after Kevin Rudd stood aside at the last minute before this morning’s historic leadership ballot.

Ms Gillard was unelected unopposed, making her the nation’s 27th prime minister and its first female leader. She has chosen Treasurer Wayne Swan to be her Deputy Prime Minister.

Ms Gillard had the numbers – reportedly 74 of the 112 caucus votes – and the majority support of the party.

Yes, it would be nice – in an ideal world – for our first female Prime Minister to have been voted in by the public rather than a secretive party ballot, but Kevin Rudd has ended up a disappointment (not to mention certain election promises, like same-sex marriage, that evaporated completely) while Gillard has worked hard behind the scenes and will no doubt reinvigorate the party and government.

But quietly, we’re thrilled and moved that our first female PM will be sworn in by our first female Governor General, no matter how it happened.


9 Responses to “Julia Gillard Is Australia’s New Prime Minister”

  1. KO said

    This is so exciting.

  2. It’s good that Australia has the first female PM but it hurts me to see that the way that Kevin Rudd just gave up like that and didn’t even give a fight. Not a very good message to send to the children of Australia. MAKE IT FAIR AND MAKE IT RIGHT.

  3. berryblade said

    Fuck yeah gillard!

  4. jade said

    not happy about gillard as PM.. they lose my vote

  5. Beaut said

    It is a great day for Australia.
    Great to finally see our first female PM.

    The test will be if she can get labour back on their game

  6. marianK said

    Well, I’m glad that you are thrilled, Clem, but I’m not.

    All politicians disappoint; all assume autocratic ways when they become leaders; all ultimately yield to the demands of the political commentariat and the spoilt-brat magnates. And yes, politics is a dirty business.

    The truth behind the baffling and ruthless media assassination in recent months of such a decent man and more than adequate PM may never be fully known. However, I am not going to place Gillard’s ‘first female PM’ victory above either hers or the ALP’s gutless treachery.

    Julia can gather up all the shards of her smashed glass ceiling and keep them as a trophy. I feel too betrayed and furious to bask in feelgood feminism right now.

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  8. Say Goodnight Gracie said

    In 2006 Australians donated a large sum of money for the victims of cyclone Larry in QLD. On 30/01/11 Bligh admitted $703,000 was still sitting in interest bearing investments. A regional mayor has stated that intended recipients of the donations have yet to receive any of this money.
    Unfortunately it gets even worse. In 2004 James Hardy agreed to pay $4.5B for compensation to victims of Asbestos disease. This did not come about as a result of government perusing justice for its citizens it was through private and union action. Infact the government called for bans and boycotts to be lifted. And I kid you not the government made all contributions by James Hardy fully tax deductable. THAT MEANS YOU PAY THE $4.5B. People are still dying of Asbestos related disease from Asbestos products still installed. One state in particular is still putrid with Asbestos nearly 10 years after the settlement and nearly 30 years after the danger was known. And where is that $4.5B? In the same place as the Larry funds.
    And it gets even worse again. What if all 3 levels of government were aware of Lead being at very dangerous levels immediately adjacent to grain and seafood for export OS and interstate? If 2 levels of government were well aware of the danger long before the accident occurred and did nothing? If they did not even test the food or citizens for contamination? Failed to advise citizens until 2 months after the incident? No cleanup? Geraldton WA Oct/10. News released 24/12/2010.
    Children will ultimately consume this food.
    A failure at all 3 levels of government under the control of Gillard. Yet ANOTHER monumental Gillard FAILURE.
    When does government cover-up and incompetence become criminal action?

  9. […] Bastow expressed similar thoughts at The Dawn Chorus. Myself, I was wanting to stop time, to step outside the news cycle and the approaching election, […]

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