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Gigabytes for Girls

Posted by Cate on May 14, 2009


With yet another example of ridiculous gender stereotyping, technology retailers Dell have released a new Website Della, with editorial and products supposedly targeted at women. I don’t know I just like my technology to work when I want it to, not to be some kind of social accessory.

Some of the highlights:

There’s a big plug for the Mini plug notebook  with lots of gendered descriptions for women who like to hang out with their friends

  • Enjoy a resized keyboard for a convenient fit – even in your bag

Um, since when is my bag meant to be small because I’m female?

  • Check the weather, movie times or restaurant directions wherever you go
  • God forbid we might want to use our internet access tocheck the news or stock market or work emails like the other gender. Shall we check out horoscopes too?

    Are you imagining the restraint the copywriters would have to use to ensure the absent of exclaimation marks? But rest assured, you can get more excited, the mini notebooks come in lots of different colours to ‘match your outfit”.

    The”Tech” section specifically targeted at women offers nothing more than  matching a mini notebook to your lifestyle.

    There’s  a “Featured Artist”, fashion expert Robin Moreno with a video on “How to score at Vintage Stores”.  

    The Giving section is possibly the most patronising of all. It’s news to me that computer recycling (green wash anyone?) is somehow a women’s job. And when will the time come that big business decides to offer dosh to charities besides breast cancer fundraisers?

    Excuse me whilst I go powder my nose.

    Author’s edit: I just finished writing this post and saw a news item about Net Registry and their use of Benny Hill style ‘naughty nurses’ at the CeBIt Australia  trade show  to promote their products. But, don’t worry, it’s really ok, the company assures us that the stunt was just a bit of fun and was directed by “women and a gay guy”.


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    “Women Managers Make Greener Business Decisions”: Report

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 18, 2008

    Reader Sophie sent through this little business tidbit – a study has found that women managers and CEOs are more likely to make environmentally sound business decisions than their male counterparts. Here are the findings in not-so-easy-to-read tabled format:

    If you’ve lost your microscope, the actual results can be found in this PDF report of the findings, which are part of a larger survey of green business practices.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think the findings are accurate? Or is the idea of a “green” female manager just another way to flip the whole cigar-chomping man-in-suit stereotype of business on its head, in essence another way to brand female business leaders as the fairer, greener sex?

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    Just In Case You Didn’t Know How To Dress Yourself For Work

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 14, 2008

    The Fairfax Digital sites just keep rolling out the pearlers when it comes to pointless/sexist stock photos illustrating their, shall we say, B-side news. For the last couple of days on the online presences for The Age/WA Today/et al, this one has been advertising a MyCareer piece on dressing for job interviews:

    Goddamn, you wacky bitch! You’ll never get a job with a zany haircut like that! Watch out, The Man is checking you out! And so on. But it doesn’t get any better from there – click through to the article and you’ll find the Fairfax Digital special, female bodyparts!

    And a runway fashion show has what, exactly, to do with dressing for corporate job interviews again? Who knows, but the gist of the article seems to be something to the tune of, “Girls, don’t dress like slovenly whores”:

    Two thirds of those surveyed said that bad grooming, such as unpressed shirts and untidy hair, was the most common failing. Just over half said that bad body odour was also common!

    When it came to clothing, lowcut tops (45 per cent) and loud or over-the-top make-up (40 per cent) were two of the most common examples for women. Very short skirts also were noticed.

    Watch that bad body odour, girls, or you’ll end up in the typing pool until you die, a spinster, at 56!

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    Well, I Know When I Think Of Investing, I Think Of Headless Naked Chicks, Too

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 10, 2008

    More sterling work from the photo editors at The Age online, who today give us this little doozy on the front page (down the bottom where they illustrate/advertise their partner sites), this one for InvestSmart:

    Sadly we’ll never know (at least until Scooter in tech gets onto it) what or why they were “taking it off”, because clicking the link brings up this sorry little message:

    An error has occurred while accessing the requested page.

    InvestSMART’s technical support department has been automatically notified of this problem.

    The InvestSMART Team

    See, InvestSmart and The Age? Sexism makes the baby internet Jesus cry, too.

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    The Age: Office Stress Makes You Haggard… Or Something

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 1, 2008

    They just keep kicking goals at the Fairfax Digital sites and today’s bit of photo editor brilliance comes from The Age. This article (syndicated from The Guardian) is about dealing with office stress, and how best to approach working with passive aggressive types; all good, sensible stuff.

    But watch out, ladies, because those passive aggressive emails could be making you UGLY! Or at least, that’s what the accompanying image seems to be telling us:

    “Mmm, that’s much better! Since I confronted my passive aggressive co-worker, my fine lines have been visibly reduced by up to 86% and I am free to wear this flattering beige lip-gloss again!”

    Why is it that generic/stock photo images chosen to accompany business articles are so often a) perpetuating sexist gender stereotypes and b) totally pointless?

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    What Do Young, Female Gamers Need? “Bitching, Flirting And Lying”, Apparently

    Posted by Clem Bastow on June 27, 2008

    We were alerted to this 30 Hot Entrepreneurs list, issued a month or so ago by online business mag sm@rt company, by a reader. It’s a countdown of Australian business movers and shakers aged under 30, including nine female entrepreneurs. But there was one in particular that stood out. At #26, Holly Owen, from ‘Champagne For The Ladies’:

    Appalled at the lack of computer games titles designed for young women, Holly Owen created her own. Coolest Girl in School is billed as the world’s first mobile phone-based role-play game for girls, requiring players to lie, bitch or flirt their way to become just what the game’s title says.

    Apparently the Australian Family Association called for a ban in fairly predictable fashion; here’s the game’s own reaction to the press storm.

    But is it just me, or is it always a little bit more deadening to the heart when stuff like this is released into the world by a woman?

    (Thanks to talia for the heads up!)

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    “Free Blowjobs” On European Budget Airline, Says CEO; “Saucy”, Says

    Posted by Clem Bastow on June 27, 2008

    File this one in the “I hope I wake up tomorrow morning to find this has all been a terrible dream” category: the CEO of European budget carrier Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, has “joked” that in its new Business Class section, passengers can expect free oral sex.

    O’Leary made the saucy remarks during a press conference in Germany about Ryanair’s Trans-Atlantic flights.

    Explaining that Ryanair’s long-haul flights would feature a business class that went against Ryanair’s typical low-budget ethos, O’Leary remarked that “in economy it will be very cheap fares, say 10 Euros, and in business class it will be bed and blowjobs”.

    This from the airline whose hostesses posed semi-clothed onboard its planes in last year’s Girls Of Ryanair calendar; presumably in McLeary’s fantasy world, said hostesses will be providing the freebies.

    Meanwhile, “saucy” remarks? Is that the best you can come up with, Craig Platt of Not “distasteful”, “sexist”, “hopelessly Carry On-esque” or “nauseating”?

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