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Abortion: Do The Crime, Do The… Time?

Posted by Talia Cain on September 24, 2008

One particular aspect of the abortion debate that is rarely discussed is that if performing-slash-undergoing an abortion should be deemed an illegal act, then what is due punishment for the woman who commits this “crime”? Last year, Anna Quindlen of Newsweek wrote a compelling article addressing this conundrum, titled “How Much Jail Time?”.

Quindlen is not surprised by the responses of pro-lifers to this question in a mini-documentary:

The man behind the camera is asking demonstrators who want abortion criminalized what the penalty should be for a woman who has one nonetheless. You have rarely seen people look more gobsmacked. It’s as though the guy has asked them to solve quadratic equations. Here are a range of responses: “I’ve never really thought about it.” “I don’t have an answer for that.” “I don’t know.” “Just pray for them.”

It poses questions to those who classify abortion as murder. What do you propose as punishment? You consider it murder, so the first step would be incarcerating the medical team that perform and assist in the procedure. Will there be a non-parole period? Should the sentence differ if the aborted foetus is 1 week old or 28 weeks old? Surely not if you believe that “life begins at conception”. What of the woman that seeks out the aborting of a foetus? She’s a willing participant – perhaps a lesser sentence of say, manslaughter?

It’s stupid for me to play the guessing game, I’m pro-choice and believe abortion should be legal – so you tell me the answers. I’m fairly certain there would an uproar if we started to see women put through our courts and flung into jail for a harrowing decision they have made about their own body and pregnancy. Read the rest of this entry »


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WTF Facebook Ad Round-Up

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 14, 2008

Last week we did a round-up of the latest sexist/freaky/offensive ads to pop up in Facebook’s sidebar, well, it seems the social networking site sees sexist ads as the gift that just keeps on giving. Here’s the latest:

I didn’t even click through on this one because after counting those steps (“1 How to change your body shape. 2 How to let him understand you. 3 How to know when is the right time”) it sounded suspiciously like some sort of ‘true love waits’ diet plan, because god knows we’re all fat whores in the end, aren’t we – and men and women, they’re so different! *hands on hips, head cocked to one side* You guys! *giggles* *pledges virginity to my father*

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Your Sexist Facebook Ads Round-Up

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 9, 2008

Is anyone else sick of the low-rent ads that continually pop up on Facebook? Just in the last few days my eyes have been assaulted by the following corkers:

So if Facebook ads really do target people based on their profiles, they think I am a fat single sluzza who just can’t keep a man. Is that right, Facebook?

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Be Our Fan!

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 2, 2008

Because here at The Dawn Chorus we spend too much time on Facebook are totally hip with the taste of a new generation, you can now be our “fan” on Facebook!

Check out the page and add us here, and then tell all your friends! And then GET BACK TO WORK. (Only kidding.)

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