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The Twenty-Eighth Down Under Feminists Carnival

Posted by caitlinate on September 4, 2010

Oh my gawd, hi everyone. So this is the first time I’ve done a blog carnival and I put my hand up for it 6 months ago not realising that this was going to be like the busiest two or three weeks I would be having all year. So! There is no theme and things might be organised a little incoherently but I hope I’ve done a good job and you like…

WELCOME to the 28th Down Under Feminists Carnival!

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Paddy Wagon success!

Posted by Cate on December 8, 2008

You might have noticed a pink, rather cutesy advertisement under the Events section in the right hand margin?

Over the last few months, many women of the melbourne crafty community have generously volunteered their time and materials to make cloth reusable sanitary pads and waterproof zip lock bags for women in Africa to be distributed by Goods 4 girls. Think of us as a benign factory production line with copious amounts of tea, biscuits, cheese, cupcakes, chatter and laughter. It has been great fun and we invisage sending off the pads in January.

I’d like to offer a huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in the project. We consider it something of an ongoing campaign with many opportunities for future creative work.

(In 2009 I hope to start my own not for profit business in my spare time, where social justice and social connectedness are made to happen through creative and crafty activity. Check out my website for more progress in 2009)….

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All Aboard The Paddy Wagon!

Posted by Cate on October 28, 2008

Come make reusable pads for young women in Africa!

In many areas of Africa young women are unable to go to school on a monthly basis due to their period. Some pharmaceutical companies donate pads and tampons but tampons aren’t always an option for cultural reasons (such as FGM) and disposal of conventional pads can be a problem as they are typically burnt which releases lots of nasty toxins into the air.

Providing reusable pads not only provides a more environmentally friendly alternative for these young women (in areas of adequate water supply for washing), it reduces their dependence on outside aid organizations to continue providing for their monthly needs.

There are 2 dates available so let me know what suits:
22nd November
6th December

Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, City

RSVPs essential! It’s okay if you can’t sew, maybe you have a talent for cutting, ironing, making cups of tea…

PS – I apologise for the delay in organising these events, I was busy getting married.

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“Should Parents Be Worried About HPV Vaccine?” How About Women?

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 9, 2008

This CNN article raises some of the emerging concerns about adverse reactions to the Gardasil HPV vaccine; some girls and women who get the course of jabs are experiencing side-effects ranging from nausea to, well, death (apparently). The American stats are as follows:

Gardasil has been the subject of 7,802 “adverse event” reports from the time the Food and Drug Administration approved its use two years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Girls and women have blamed the vaccine for causing ailments from nausea to paralysis — even death. Fifteen deaths were reported to the FDA, and 10 were confirmed, but the CDC says none of the 10 were linked to the vaccine. The CDC says it continues to study the reports of illness.

But what bothers me about the piece is not so much the worrying emergence of stories such as Oklahoma’s Jesalee Parsons, 13, who developed Pancreatitis after her shot (which is, to be sure, horrifying), but the way CNN has pitched the piece: its title is “Should Parents Be Worried About HPV Vaccine?”

Fair enough, it’s a question that needs to be asked, as many of Gardasil’s recipients have been young girls. But what about those of us over 18 who went and got the injection ourselves? Are we irrelevant? Do we only need to, as The Simpsons‘ Helen Lovejoy likes to scream, think of the children?

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