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Palin’s Good Looks Driving Jealous Feminists “Crazy”

Posted by Tom Jackson on October 22, 2008

In an interview on Bill Bennett’s radio show this morning, John McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis made an, er, interesting point about the effect Sarah Palin is having on liberal feminists. Have a listen…

I wonder if it’s really her “good looks” and “happiness” that is driving liberal feminists crazy? I’m taking a wild stab here, but I have a feeling that the problem most feminists have with Palin has less to do with her beauty pageant charm and more to do with her complete incompetence and complete disregard for women’s rights. I know it’s a crazy theory that most of the right wing would dismiss as just another jab from the “liberal gotcha, media”, but I have a feeling I might just be on to something.

What da ya think, ya’ll?


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Scarlett Sticks It To The Man

Posted by Tom Jackson on October 15, 2008

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, Scarlett Johansson took a dig at the mainstream media for its sexist behavior towards Sen. Hillary Clinton during her primary campaign. In the article ScarJo says-

“Seeing how the media portrayed Hillary [Clinton] with unbelievable sexism – some of the things that people were saying were just so overwhelming. You just couldn’t believe the names that they were calling her!”

I think it’s great that Scarlett is drawing attention to something that I felt was rather unnecessary during the primaries. Unfortunately the sexism towards Hilary is still continuing, especially in the media’s silly comparisons of the ‘old’ and ‘tough’ Hillary to the ‘young’ and ‘hot’ Sarah Palin.

But are Scarlett’s comments really that surprising? You don’t need a degree in gender studies to have noticed the media’s sexist attitude towards female politicians. They seem to have been at it since women began moving into public office.

This video by the Women’s Media Center says it all. Brilliant!

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Palin Newsweek Cover “A Clear Slap In The Face … Why? Because It’s Unretouched

Posted by Clem Bastow on October 9, 2008

So says Republican Media Consultant Andrea Tantaros, who – along with her colleagues – is up in arms about Newsweek‘s latest issue, featuring a close-up photo of Gov. Sarah Palin (pictured at right, click through for full-size).

Speaking on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, the Republican media team – not to mention the show’s host – cried foul, suggesting that Newsweek have done Palin a gross disservice by failing to airbrush her into a palatable cover girl. As Tantaros says:

“It highlights every imperfection – that every human being has – but we’re talking unwanted facial hair, pores, wrinkles…”

Tantaros then suggests that Newsweek‘s Obama covers have made him look “Presidential … flawless”.

(Briefly, to compare and contrast and provide some perspective, here’s a Newsweek John McCain cover, and a Barack Obama one. And, to even things up, here’s their Hillary Clinton effort, and Michelle Obama. You’ll agree there’s not a lot of airbrushing going on anywhere, and why would there be? It’s Newsweek!)

The host then barks:

“I mean, c’mon … Any respectable magazine should be doing a little retouching if you’re going to have the extreme close-up”

Fortunately Julia Piscitelli from American University’s Women & Politics Institute then offers some sage words (saying that Palin is clearly “beautiful” either way), before Tantaros cries out that the cover photo is “mortifying! … [Any] woman who sees this cover would be shocked and horrified“.

Really? Have we become so sucked into the airbrushed world that to see a woman unretouched is “horrifying”? As Piscitelli notes, Palin’s cover is the Newsweek ‘Women & Leadership’ issue, “which means that she’s one of the top women in leadership in the country” – what is more important here?

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Summing Up The Media Response To Sarah Palin In One Fell Halloween Costume

Posted by Clem Bastow on October 8, 2008

From blogger BG:

There are no words.

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Briefly In Sarah Palin Sexism News

Posted by Clem Bastow on September 4, 2008

We’ll tackle the media and blogosphere’s treatment of John McCain’s VP candidate Sarah Palin soon, but just wanted to draw your attention to some more of’s balanced and reconstructed use of language regarding the Alaskan politician on this front page slug regarding this story:

Yes, you read that correctly, “sexy librarian VP candidate”. Sigh. We’ll return to the Palin sexism watch; after all, it’s not like there’s going to be a lull in the coverage any time soon!

Thanks to the wondrous Jessica for the tip off.

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