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“Are You An Average Australian?” Dunno, Do You Have Boobs?

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 22, 2008

Yet more sunny sexism from the stock photos folder – today we have this charming example, illustrating a piece on what the “average Australian” earns, spends, and so forth:

Can’t read the first little bit of the caption? It says “Stacking up…” GEDDIT? Like “stacked”? Boobs? Hur hur hur!

Click through to the article and there are our anonymous bosomy friends once more. This has nothing to do with anything, really, unless they’re clutching at straws and tying it in with this alarming statistic:

This is bad news for people on the brink of retirement.  The average super payment for men this year is expected to be $155,000, while women can expect an average payout of $73,000. These payouts have to stretch a long way.

There’s no word as to whether this is to do with men currently at retirement age having worked more, over their years in the workforce, than their female counterparts, or whether it’s to do with discrepancies in pay rates between men and women, which is still a huge problem.

But why answer the difficult questions when you can just show some bazoongas in a tight t-shirt?


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Just In Case You Didn’t Know How To Dress Yourself For Work

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 14, 2008

The Fairfax Digital sites just keep rolling out the pearlers when it comes to pointless/sexist stock photos illustrating their, shall we say, B-side news. For the last couple of days on the online presences for The Age/WA Today/et al, this one has been advertising a MyCareer piece on dressing for job interviews:

Goddamn, you wacky bitch! You’ll never get a job with a zany haircut like that! Watch out, The Man is checking you out! And so on. But it doesn’t get any better from there – click through to the article and you’ll find the Fairfax Digital special, female bodyparts!

And a runway fashion show has what, exactly, to do with dressing for corporate job interviews again? Who knows, but the gist of the article seems to be something to the tune of, “Girls, don’t dress like slovenly whores”:

Two thirds of those surveyed said that bad grooming, such as unpressed shirts and untidy hair, was the most common failing. Just over half said that bad body odour was also common!

When it came to clothing, lowcut tops (45 per cent) and loud or over-the-top make-up (40 per cent) were two of the most common examples for women. Very short skirts also were noticed.

Watch that bad body odour, girls, or you’ll end up in the typing pool until you die, a spinster, at 56!

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The Age Online Reaches For The ‘Disembodied Women’s Bits’ Folder Again

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 11, 2008

Those photo editors at just can’t seem to get enough of those delicious female bodyparts this week; today’s edition of Bits Daily is this one, on the front page, aiming to draw your eye to the My Career section

That’s right, ladies, you better make sure you have dainty feet and a cute handbag if you want to be seen as skilled!

It’s even more pointless considering the article itself employs a no less stupid, but at least less sexist, image of a hand with a pencil. So do we assume, then, that is worried they won’t get click-throughs if they don’t use women’s bits to lure the readers? The mind boggles.

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Well, I Know When I Think Of Investing, I Think Of Headless Naked Chicks, Too

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 10, 2008

More sterling work from the photo editors at The Age online, who today give us this little doozy on the front page (down the bottom where they illustrate/advertise their partner sites), this one for InvestSmart:

Sadly we’ll never know (at least until Scooter in tech gets onto it) what or why they were “taking it off”, because clicking the link brings up this sorry little message:

An error has occurred while accessing the requested page.

InvestSMART’s technical support department has been automatically notified of this problem.

The InvestSMART Team

See, InvestSmart and The Age? Sexism makes the baby internet Jesus cry, too.

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Adding Sexist Photos To Stupid Articles, It’s The Way!

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 1, 2008

You probably read this piece about Australian women having tried “cyber sex”; it’s a trumped-up and sensationalised account of the research that forms part of a book published by Joan Sauer, The Sex Lives Of Australian Women. The book’s findings are probably very interesting, not that you’d really know by The Courier Mail‘s treatment of it.

But what really pissed me off was not the “ooh, naughty!” tone of the article (ahem, the headline: “Aussie women get turned on by cyber sex”), which was published yesterday, but it was what did with it on the front page of their site today:

Where do you start with this? Apart from, you know, the titillating “most of them have enjoyed it” (ooh, you dirty vixens!), how about the time honoured tradition of chopping a woman’s image up into faceless, objectified parts? (And not only parts, but ones dressed in ‘slutty’ stockings and ‘CFM boots’, too.) Come on down, sexy legs!

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