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Seen and Heard, Cutting Edge Women’s Film Festival – Call for Entries

Posted by Cate on November 16, 2009

Seen & Heard is a film festival that battles the celluloid ceiling, celebrates the diverse and extraordinary work of women filmmakers and their not-to-be-underestimated diverse and extraordinary audiences. Seen and Heard in 2010, its second year, will follow on from a showcase of questions on class, race, ability/disability, gender and sexuality.Gender equality behind the camera is serious business. Seen & Hear are seeking films of high quality in which women have played significant production roles.

Taking entries now:
Seen & Heard in 2010:
January 14th-17th
The Red Rattler
6 Faversham St, MARRICKVILLE
NSW, Sydney
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Gigabytes for Girls

Posted by Cate on May 14, 2009


With yet another example of ridiculous gender stereotyping, technology retailers Dell have released a new Website Della, with editorial and products supposedly targeted at women. I don’t know I just like my technology to work when I want it to, not to be some kind of social accessory.

Some of the highlights:

There’s a big plug for the Mini plug notebook  with lots of gendered descriptions for women who like to hang out with their friends

  • Enjoy a resized keyboard for a convenient fit – even in your bag

Um, since when is my bag meant to be small because I’m female?

  • Check the weather, movie times or restaurant directions wherever you go
  • God forbid we might want to use our internet access tocheck the news or stock market or work emails like the other gender. Shall we check out horoscopes too?

    Are you imagining the restraint the copywriters would have to use to ensure the absent of exclaimation marks? But rest assured, you can get more excited, the mini notebooks come in lots of different colours to ‘match your outfit”.

    The”Tech” section specifically targeted at women offers nothing more than  matching a mini notebook to your lifestyle.

    There’s  a “Featured Artist”, fashion expert Robin Moreno with a video on “How to score at Vintage Stores”.  

    The Giving section is possibly the most patronising of all. It’s news to me that computer recycling (green wash anyone?) is somehow a women’s job. And when will the time come that big business decides to offer dosh to charities besides breast cancer fundraisers?

    Excuse me whilst I go powder my nose.

    Author’s edit: I just finished writing this post and saw a news item about Net Registry and their use of Benny Hill style ‘naughty nurses’ at the CeBIt Australia  trade show  to promote their products. But, don’t worry, it’s really ok, the company assures us that the stunt was just a bit of fun and was directed by “women and a gay guy”.

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    Flock’s ‘Gloss’ Browser: Because All Women Care About Is Clothes And Gossip

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 26, 2008

    When it comes to gender-specific marketing (see: pink Diet Coke bottles) my reaction is usually “Don’t get me started…” – fortunately for all of you here in the virtual world, I can get started without worrying about killing the conversation. To wit, Flock’s new “Gloss Edition” browser. Can you tell who they are aiming for?

    It’s pink! How darling! Barf. And it gets worse from there:

    You Deserve It. Indulge Yourself.

    What is it, a freaking chocolate bar? The gooey condescension continues, essentially saying, “We know all you girls want to look at on the internet is, like, clothes and stuff. And OMG, don’t you just looove SATC? All women love SATC!”

    If you don’t use the Flock Gloss Edition Browser, you’re probably out of touch with the latest dish. You should treat yourself better. Go on and try it on for size.

    What fucks me off about this (amongst many, many things) is that it’s perpetuating some 1998 idea that women have no place on the internet unless they’re shopping for clothes, when the fact is that females (particularly younger girls) more often than not outnumber their male counterparts when it comes to embracing online technology.

    Look, I like pink – in roses, one of my winter coats, one of my sheet sets and a few of my make-up items. But do I want everything I do to be pink? And do I need to be told about hot dresses and amazing gossip while I’m trying to read newspapers and do research online? Hell no.

    The Gloss browser probably brings up a 500 error if you try to search for anything other than “Manolo Blahnik +sale”.

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    The Age Online Reaches For The ‘Disembodied Women’s Bits’ Folder Again

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 11, 2008

    Those photo editors at just can’t seem to get enough of those delicious female bodyparts this week; today’s edition of Bits Daily is this one, on the front page, aiming to draw your eye to the My Career section

    That’s right, ladies, you better make sure you have dainty feet and a cute handbag if you want to be seen as skilled!

    It’s even more pointless considering the article itself employs a no less stupid, but at least less sexist, image of a hand with a pencil. So do we assume, then, that is worried they won’t get click-throughs if they don’t use women’s bits to lure the readers? The mind boggles.

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    “Revenge Of The Nerdettes”: Being A Female Geek Is Okay, So Long As You’re Sexy

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 8, 2008

    There are times when I think if I read one more article about the “sexing up” of tech – or academia, or intelligence… – I’ll punch a hole in the wall. Today is one of those days: witness Newsweek‘s ‘Geek Girls: Revenge Of The Nerdettes‘.

    The piece, by Jessica Bennett and Jennie Yabroff, seems to be torn between wanting to assert that, yes, girls can also be nerds (which is commendable) and wanting to let us know that, like, you can be smart and sexy (which is not so good). The problem I have with the latter is that the definition of “sexy” is always so narrow and geared towards the ‘men’s magazine’ gaze. To wit:

    These girl geeks aren’t social misfits; their identities don’t hinge on outsider status. They may love all things sci-tech, but first and foremost they are girls—and they’ve made that part of their appeal. They’ve modeled themselves after icons such as Tina Fey, whose character on “30 Rock” is a “Star Wars”-loving, tech-obsessed, glasses-wearing geek, but who’s garnered mainstream appeal and a few fashion-magazine covers.

    So far, so good (so sort of; I don’t know that I would really call Tina Fey either a nerd or a geek, but that’s a whole ‘nother minefield of semantics). But then it all goes off the rails:

    Or on actress Danica McKellar, who coauthored a math theorem, wrote a book for girls called “Math Doesn’t Suck” and posed in a bikini for Stuff magazine. Or even Ellen Spertus, a Mills College professor and research scientist at Google—and the 2001 winner of the Silicon Valley “Sexiest Geek Alive” pageant.

    Oh a pageant! A bikini shoot in a lad’s mag! How right on!

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    Sometimes, There Are No Words

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 4, 2008

    Reader Tim sent us this frankly horrifying link, with the note, “Naturally the only thing you’d test a physics engine with would be a bikini clad, lifeless body.

    If you don’t want to click on the link, it features a lifeless female form (yes, in a bikini) falling between floating spheres. I’d make some jibe to the tune of ‘no wonder programmers find it hard to get a date’, but I’m too disturbed.

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    Be Our Fan!

    Posted by Clem Bastow on July 2, 2008

    Because here at The Dawn Chorus we spend too much time on Facebook are totally hip with the taste of a new generation, you can now be our “fan” on Facebook!

    Check out the page and add us here, and then tell all your friends! And then GET BACK TO WORK. (Only kidding.)

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